CHIAMACI: +39 039 963.04.52 - 039 963.04.06
CHIAMACI: +39 039 963.04.52 - 039 963.04.06
CHIAMACI: +39 039 963.04.52 - 039 963.04.06


You all know that the 16th of July 2014 took place the W.O.W.S frozen flash mob in Milan: in our previous article you could find the photos of our frozen mobbers in front of the Palazzo della Posta, and now you can finally enjoy the official video!

Short frames of Milano, Piazza Cordusio, and a group of platooned business man and woman walking down the street untill the ex Exchange on the soundtrack of “Black Skinhead” by Kanie West, song theme of the  The Wolf Of Wall Street‘s trailer.
Suddenly the sound of a trumpet and.. freeze! All the mobbers petrified for three minutes in front of the astonished looks of the people who were unawarely walking around the square, untill the throwing of thousand of dollars with “Gloria” by Umberto Tozzi as background music.

Let’s enjoy the video of the frozen here!

Our frozen Flash Mob, in collaboration with 01 Distribution, totally won the day: besides let thousand of people have fun (our mobbers and the people who were in the square), a lot of online headlines have spoken about our unconventional action with articles published on their websites! 
Some examples? Style Magazine by Corriere della Sera, Milano Weekend, the official italian fanclub of Leonardo di Caprio and much more!

We really want to say thank you again to all our loving friends of Flash Mob Milano for their partecipation to the frozen and let it be so special, we recommend you all to keep always update because… a lot of interesting news are yet to come!

Stay tuned, see you soon!

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