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Let’s imagine you walking down the street, in an hot sunny working day in Milano, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by more than 60 people paralysed likes statues: this is what happened last Wednesday the 16th of July in Piazza Cordusio!

For the official launch of the special DVD and Blu-Ray of the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” by Martin Scorsese, with Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort, the 01 Distribution in collaboration with the crew of Flash Mob Milano wanted to create something special and unconventional: a frozen flash mob (related with the hashtag #frozenwows) in the centre of Milano, just in front of the Palazzo della Posta, a place that has been for years the heart of the Milan Stock Exchange.



People walking, children running, someone eating an icecream, taxi, tram and cars.. a normal day in Milano. And then, at about 18:00 o’clock, more than 60 people dressed with business clothes (tailleur for the ladies, suit and tie for men) started walking down the square on the “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West soundtrack, the theme song of the film indeed, freezing themselves when they heard the trumpet sound: the scene was absolutely surreal.



Someone reading a newspaper, someone watching at their watch, smartphone or tablet.. every single performer in the square has been totally freezed for three minutes, under the astonished gaze of pedestrians who couldn’t help to take photos and videos of the unusual show. Then, as they stopped, they unblocked themselves and started launchig thousands of dollars with contemptuous mood on the “Gloria” by Umberto Tozzi soundtrack (the only italian song of the movie) just like Jordan Belfort did in the yatch scene of The Wolf of Wall Street.



Eventually everything came back to normal: the performers just walked aways like anything has just happened, getting back to their working day leaving the dollars in the square as the only proof of their passage. 

Flash Mob Milano wants to thank every single performer who partecipated to the frozen flash mob, which was a real show that couldn’t pass unnoticed!
We invite you to stay tuned with our blog and our social pages because we will publish as soon as possible the video of the event!

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