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Do you wanna feel really, really, really ridiculously good looking?

Do you like the Orange Mocha Frappuccino and your favourite song is “Wake me up before you go-go” by Wham?

Do you think that nobody could be better and more beautiful than Derek and Hansel?

So you just found the perfet flashmob for you! 😀

If you love Derek and Hansel too, if you know every single quote of “Zoolander” and your worst nightmare is to be subjected to a brainwashing in order to become a war machine able to kill the Malaysia Prime Minister, you can’t absolutely miss our “Zoolander Flashmob”!
Many of you asked us to do that, we have thought a lot about the organization of something fun, captivating and irreverent to pay homage to our idols, and we finally have the chance to do it!

We invite you to the flashmob dedicated to the fashion world that knows how to be light, nonconformist and knows how to get closed to the people in an ironic way!
Saturday the 20th of June in Milan, starting from 5:00pm, we will do the best fashion show in town, and we will show off our Magnum!

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A little introduction for the ones who doesn’t know “Zoolander“: is a 2001 comedy film written and directed by Ben Stiller, with the inseparable colleague Owen Wilson, which also in Italy won over the web, and in particular among a younger audience.

The main character of the film is Derek Zoolander, a model who uses a special facial and body expression to show his undeniable (obviously in an ironic way) sensuality: the famous blue steel, also known as Ferrari, Le Tigre, but above all… MAGNUM! Have you ever seen it? Here there is!
Don’t worry, you have an entire month to learn how to do it!


There is no better time to do the “Zoolander FlashMob” than during the Milan Fashion Week!

Join in everybody, on Saturday the 20th of June starting from 5:00pm! The location is top secret for now, but soon we will bring you up to date! Our show wouldn’t be a normal fashion show, but it will be in the Flash Mob Milano unconventional style!
We suggest you to wear bizzare and creative clothes, maybe inspiring yourselves from the strange outfits that we will surely see on the catwalk during the Milan Fashion Week!

Click on “Going” on our official events on Facebook and Google+, and share with us your best Magnum (don’t worry, Blue Steel is good as well) using the hashtag #ZoolanderMob and #FlashMobMilano, and all your pics published on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+ will be shown directly on our social stream!

“Prove that you can turn left, be a model for a day!”


Si también vosotros amáis Derek y Hansel y conocéis cada frase de la famosa película “Zoolander”, no podéis perder el flashmob más divertido e irreverente dedicado al mundo de la moda: el “Zoolander FlashMob”! Sabado el 20 de Junio 2015, en Milán a partir de las 17:00, vamos a hacer un desfile de moda como homenaje a nuestos idolos, y vamos a mostrar nuestra mejor Magnum (no os preocupéis, la Blue Steel está bien lo mismo).
Disfrazados con la ropa más rara y extravagante que podéis imaginar, vamos a hacer el desfile más inusual y excitante que se puede encontrar en la Milán Fashion Week: pinchad el botón “participo” en nuestro eventos de Facebook y Google+ y compartid con nosotros vuestros selfies con la Magnum con los hashtags #ZoolanderMob y #FlashMobMilano… os esperamos! 

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