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CHIAMACI: +39 039 963.04.52 - 039 963.04.06

The video of We are happy from Milano by FMM

For almost two months from the first Take we are happy from Milano by FMM, to the tune of the super famous song by Pharrell Williams, the post production has just been concluded and we can finally share with you the final video.

It’s a video full of numbers and history, which was attended by almost 200 people, who were really happy and involved in it.

Daniele Giudici and Andrea Sartoki are the real makers of the technical side and, from the first days of February, they have committed their whole available time to this proyect, which seems to be every day bigger and more captivating.

After the first meeting, dated the first days of February, a chain of meetings has been come in succession and the scenic design has been planned with a precise concept: underline the city of Milan and his interesting aspects.

Creativity, our city and “arts and crafts”: these are the key-words of our tribute to Pharrell Williams and his song “Happy”. It’s a video project, crowned with a flash mob las 30th March 2014 at the Meazza Stadium.

There is the video:

We want to explain to you by some numbers how, behind a 5’37” lasting video, there is a huge work to do: 50 hours of recording in 34 selected locations, with 153 people envolved and even 3 animals;

90 hours of work and a total amount of 648 video files recorded (140gb of videos), 1595 photos (21,3gb of photos) and 105 scenes between videos and credits; and at the end, 20 hours spent choosing the scenes and 22 hours of post production.

Thank you all for your partecipation to the proyect, you made the video “We are happy from Milano by FMM” an amazing job.

See you soon!


Recording materials:

Canon 5 D MARK III
GoPro® 3 Black Edition
Canon 70D


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